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Studio 49: Xylofon SX1600

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Studio 49: Xylofon SX1600

Xylofon sopran, Series 1600, diatonisk, c2-a3, 16 staver laget av Pao Rosa, inkl. 2 køller S 5

Nettolengde:  61 cm
Nettobredde: 25,5 – 16,0 cm
Nettohøyde: 14.5 cm

Nettovekt:  0.14 kg




The beginning of STUDIO 49 actually goes back much further than one is led to suspect from its year of foundation in 1949. Carl Orff, who will always remain an inseparable part of the history of our firm, tells about his first experience with a xylophone in his speech given at the dedication ceremonies for our new company. He describes how he received in 1928 a "Kaffir Piano" - at that time common language use - from some of his friends - delivered to him by a sailor from the Cameroons. It was a kind of xylophone built from a small rectangular box that still had the words "10000 Bretterstifte" (wooden pegs) printed on it. The instrument had ten bars attached to the open side which were tied together with string. It was played with only one mallet and according to Carl Orff had an amazingly good sound. He had found the model for his own work.

It was still a long way from this so-called "Kaffir-Piano" to the xylophone, and even further to the development of other barred percussion instruments.